Updated ‘things to do’ in Chandlers Ford list.

One Community based in Eastleigh have pulled together comprehensive list of organisations and clubs in Chandlers Ford which can be reached by clicking this link.


Consultation about North Miller’s Dale Yellow Lines.

A general notice covering several proposed schemes has been published (see below) but a significant amount of it relates to North Miller’s Dale. In a previous Miller’s Tale newsletter we discussed the concern residents had voiced about the joining of the North Miller’s Dale Road from some of the side turnings because of restricted view caused by parked vehicles. The proposed no parking sections are designed to partially address this. I would draw your attention to the deadline for objections which is 27th Dec.

The actual location of the lines took a bit of interpretation from the notice so I have, I hope fairly acurately, transposed them onto a map. I have inserted the map below the notice which I hope will give an indication of the scope of the plan.

Yellow lines notice.jpg

Yellow lines map.jpg


All Aboard for the Bath Trip

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Despite the forecast of rainy weather from the BBC earlier in the week, Saturday in Bath turned out to be much better than we could have hoped for. 51 shoppers arrived promptly before 9 o’clock to board the very modern looking coach to take the journey of just under two hours to Bath. On arrival at the Riverside coach park the passengers excitedly dispersed to visit the award winning Christmas Market in the city’s picturesque Georgian streets. After dark the stalls became even more magical as the Christmas lights were turned on. Thanks to Jamie, our Angela coach driver for getting us safely there and home again although the less said about his corny Christmas cracker jokes the better. Thanks also to everybody for supporting this trip and we hope to do more of these in the future.

Walking Group ‘comes of age’

“It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!”
Winnie the Pooh, “Pooh’s Grand Adventure”
Do you know where this is? Find out on our next walk.
Why not wrap up and join us for our November outing of the NMDCA walking group. I’ve been out and about trying to find another route with bits of Chandler’s Ford you may not know. It becomes more of a challenge, but this one will make 21 walks since our first walk back in March 2018 and I don’t think we have done exactly the same walk twice!
If you would like to join us for our November walk we will be meeting at 10:30 outside the Hiltingbury Farmhouse on the Community Hall side on Tuesday 5th November. We will be taking a leisurely walk of about three miles. Everyone is welcome to our friendly group.

Hall full Quiz evening


10 teams contested the quiz night with the room full, and no space for any more teams.

It was particularly pleasing for me as the quizmaster and for the NMDCA committee as we attracted some regular players, some participants who for various reasons have not been able to come for a while, and some new teams which is always welcome.

Thanks also to all of the participants who came, a couple of whom donated to the raffle, which was very generous, but for buying so many raffle tickets. We actually ran out of tickets. That reflected the general atmosphere of the night, which was good humoured throughout, and a entertaining time appeared to be had by all. It was a pleasure hosting the event.

There was some good humoured banter throughout the quiz, One gentleman from the Quidditch team clearly did not know  the power of his own voice, and said rather louder than he expected two answers, which were both correct, including one which he clearly did not expect to be right. On another team there was clearly some internal disagreement about an answer, and a gentleman was told quite clearly that he could expect a slap when he got home.

The quiz itself started with a round where the answers all had UK place names in them. I thought that was quite a gentle opening but it proved more difficult than I thought. Not as difficult as the music round, which featured singer’s backing groups or bands.  We had scores ranging from 1 to 16 out of 20 for that round, so as you can imagine there was a variety of reactions to that.

We for the first time introduced a spot prize. In this round teams had to guess how old the author John le Carre was, as it was his birthday on that day ( 88). There was a tie for that with two teams both guessing 87 . One day earlier and they would have been exactly right.

Question of the night which flummoxed the teams was the name of the railway bridge that separates South Millers Dale to Valley Park. The walking group which were represented there had walked over that bridge on a recent walk but had not realised it had a name. It is actually for those who do not know is the Reverend W.H Awdry bridge (of Thomas the Tank Engine fame)

In terms of the scoring of the quiz, it was remarkably close, and was not affected by the wide discrepancy of the music round. At the beginning of the last round, only four points (two correct answers) separated the top 5 teams, which was very gratifying as it shows the balance of the quiz is roughly right.  The Quidditch team and the Quiz Packham team both scored 137 points on the night (out of a possible 180) but the Girls Allowed Out team stole it on the line with 139 points, which meant that they won by one correct answer. I was rather pleased that there was a clear winner, as I would have struggled at the last moment to have sorted out a tie break question!