‘Still’ crazy after all these years


This was the first time the NMDCA had tried a Gin Night but it seemed to go down really well with the people who braved Storm Dennis to come out and join us for the evening. The proceedings were hosted by Clio and Malcolm of the Hiltingbury Still who gave us a fascinating insight into their introduction to Gin making. They told us about the history of Gin going back as far as Pliny the Elder in the first century through to the latest revival of localised craft gin production.

The Hiltingbury Still however, produce more than just Gin and use many local products to provide unique flavours to their drinks. These include honey from local bees and apples and crab pears from Hilliers Garden Centre for their Schnapps. They also make Hiltingbury Limoncello although the lemons for this are sourced from Italy.

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Throughout the evening we were able to taste samples of different types of gin to illustrate the talk. We were encouraged to taste the Gin neat to get a real feel for the subtle flavours but then allowed to dilute it with tonic as required. Other Hiltingbury Still products could be tasted later. Doreen and Gillian laid on a spread of nibbles to soak up the alcohol and Charlie tested the remaining braincells with an alcohol themed quiz. Unfortunately the audio visual element of the quiz had to be cancelled due to an accident with an HDMI cable (this was before the drinking started) If you were at the evening and you wanted to see what you missed I have inserted it below.


Meeting about the Baddesley Road Development


An interesting and lively meeting took place in the Hiltonbury Farmhouse with a group of about fifteen local residents and two representatives of the developers of the Wheelhouse Park Retirement Village. The local group consisted of a mix of North Miller’s Dale residents and people who live in Flexford Close and the adjacent mobile home park. The meeting opened with a description of the thinking behind the concept of the village and an idea of some of the facilities that residents of the village could make use of.

Phil Harvey of Fluid Ideas invited the assembled group to brainstorm suggestions for names that might work for the whole development, the roads and the facilities that could reflect the local heritage. Phil had already done a considerable amount of research and had some ready made thoughts that he presented to us in a form of handheld PowerPoint. Multiple A3 sheets of paper! Ideas ranged from wildlife to recent and historical personalities with a variety of alternative endings like coppice or glade.

The meeting continued with James Parkhurst from Inspirational Villages showing us the latest plans that are due to be submitted to the Test Valley Council for approval. The scheme was broken into several phases with the first being the main building which occupies some of the left hand side of the site. This will house the reception, restaurant and wellness centre which includes a swimming pool. It is planned to be three floors high but should have less impact on the Flexford Close properties as its position is on the far side. In the early stages there will be a marketing suite to the right of the entrance. James said that work would only be taking place on the site during normal business hours 08:00 –  17:00 and should take two and a half to three years. Subject to planning permission they were hoping to start Phase one in September this year.

Once the plans have been submitted it should be possible to view a link to them on this site and I will update this information as soon as I have it. James and Phil took a note of the attendees at the meeting and will keep in touch by email during the continuing progress both with regard to naming decisions and planning and construction.


Meeting about the planned development

For anyone interested in the retirement community development in Wheelhouse Park off the Baddesley Road you are invited to talk to Phil Harvey of Fluid-Ideas who is representing the developer ‘Inspired Villages’ at the Hiltonbury Farmhouse this Thursday at 10:30. See below the message from the developer.


We need your help!
We are starting the process of naming and branding the retirement development off Baddesley Road. We’ve researched Chandler’s Ford’s history, heritage, interesting facts, famous landmarks, the wildlife etc. and we now need your help! If you’d like to shape the name and brand of this fantastic new retirement community, please come along to The Hiltonbury Farmhouse at 10.30am on Thursday the 13th February.
Coffees, Teas and pastries will be provided. Please call or text Phil on 07779 606206 to confirm your attendance.

Links for background:

January newsletter… just!

doormatThe January Miller’s Tale should be dropping onto your doormat very soon, thanks to the efforts of Carole Mollon who eventually managed to tame the rogue printer that seemed determined to push our January issue into February. She and her husband Richard then gamely collated, folded and stapled the 400 copies by hand, a job normally done by the printing machine.

If you’re an NMDCA follower who doesn’t live on the estate and won’t be getting your copy delivered, you can still read the Miller’s Tale at https://nmdca.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/newsletter-a3-form-jan-20-for-web.pdf 

This quarter we have put a couple of flyers inside the newsletter to encourage you to join us for a Gin night hosted by the Hiltingbury Still in the Community Hall. Following what I’m sure will be an informative and interesting presentation by Clio of the Hiltingbury Still there will be opportunities to sample the Gins and some nibbles then rack your brains with a slightly alcohol related quiz to finish off the evening.

There is also a flyer inviting you to a special evening at the Hiltonbury Farmhouse to meet a local author. After he takes you through the evidence, can you come up with a verdict on a cold murder case whilst enjoying a two course meal and a glass of wine?

Go to https://nmdca.wordpress.com/events-coming-soon/ for more details about these two upcoming events.


Consultation about North Miller’s Dale Yellow Lines.

A general notice covering several proposed schemes has been published (see below) but a significant amount of it relates to North Miller’s Dale. In a previous Miller’s Tale newsletter we discussed the concern residents had voiced about the joining of the North Miller’s Dale Road from some of the side turnings because of restricted view caused by parked vehicles. The proposed no parking sections are designed to partially address this. I would draw your attention to the deadline for objections which is 27th Dec.

The actual location of the lines took a bit of interpretation from the notice so I have, I hope fairly acurately, transposed them onto a map. I have inserted the map below the notice which I hope will give an indication of the scope of the plan.

Yellow lines notice.jpg

Yellow lines map.jpg