Yellow Lines around the bend

Perhaps to coincide with the reopening of the Hiltonbury Farmhouse the council have just painted the double yellow lines on the inside of the bend of North Miller’s Dale and some of the adjoining junctions. We last published information about this proposal on the 18th December 2019 see:

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May was the sunniest calendar month on record and the hot dry weather continues, but sadly this dry weather brought difficulties for hedgehogs and other wildlife as water and food became scarce.

Putting out a shallow dish of plain, fresh water could provide a lifeline for hedgehogs, and in hot weather this simple action becomes even more crucial.

Natural food sources such as earthworms can also become inaccessible due to dry, compacted soil, so supplementary food can also really help.

No AGM this year!

AGM-clip-artFor obvious reasons we are unable to host an NMDCA AGM this year but the committee are still working as best we can on your behalf.

Clearly one of the main functions of the AGM is the election of officers but in the absence of the option of a face to face meeting we hope that the NMD residents have no objections to the current committee continuing for a further year. If there is anyone who would like to join us, we could co-opt you to the committee in advance of a formal election, whenever that might be possible.

If you have any things you would like us to address, we are happy to do what we can. Contact us via email at to let us know about worries, issues, news or anything else you would like to bring up.

We are hoping to have a Miller’s Tale newsletter finished and distributed by early July. Restrictions allowing, we would like to issue a printed version as that is a better guarantee of everybody on the estate getting a chance to see it. Obviously the on-line edition is a no cost option but unless readers see the promotion and go to the website to read it then many people won’t be aware of it.


Coming to a computer screen near you soon!

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Like many things, we have had to make alternative arrangements and our latest newsletter is no exception. The April Miller’s Tale has been put together with an unprecedented number of contributers to create what we think might be the best newsletter yet. But, given that it would go against government guidlines to post copies through every door on the estate we have had to resort to going online. We hope you will enjoy reading it. Keep an eye out on Facebook or the website for the publication date.