Plant a wildflower area in your garden

8-15-18meadowEvery flower counts…………

We recommend sowing in Autumn (late September/October). This is the traditional time and will help some of the species which require vernilisation (colder temperatures for germination) to flower and this will ensure a full show of colour the next year.

  1. Sow the wildflower seed either by hand or with a seed spreader. We recommend sowing the wildflower seed at five grams per one square meter of soil.
  2. Rake the wildflower seed into the soil and moisten the ground well.
  3. You could cover the newly seeded area of your garden with netting to protect from birds and cats
  4. Ensure the soil is kept moist during hot, dry periods for the best germination.

Top tips for sowing wildflower seeds

  • When preparing the soil avoid using fertilisers or manure as this encourages grass growth which crowds out the wild flowers.
  • Early on you can remove any weed seeds that germinate with a hoe.
  • For best growth it’s important that the soil is warm and doesn’t dry out. Ensure you water the soil regularly particularly if there is a hot spell
  • Allow your wildflower garden to grow up and flower in the late spring and summer.

Good luck – thank you for helping to plant for pollinators and enjoy your wildflower garden.


Older Driver Promotional Events

Older Drivers

Hants police and Thames Valley Roads police team  have identified an increase in accidents involving older drivers and want to help reduce this.

The events are to help promote and raise awareness of the Older Drivers Forum and how it can help and support Older Motorists to carry on driving safely for longer. We also give advice to Family and Friends concerned about Older Motorists. We will give advice on:· Brushing up your skills

  • Booking a driving assessment
  • Arranging a regular eyesight test (or a quick test with Specsavers at the event).
  • Health and well-being issues that could affect your driving ability
  • Renewing your licence at 70
  • Learn more about road safety and the consequences of not being fit to drive
  • Discover alternatives to driving and staying independent without a car
  • And much more

The initial events are planned for:

Monday 30th September – New Milton Community Centre – 0945 – 1500

Wednesday 2nd October – Haskins Garden Centre, West End – 0930 – 1500

Thursday 3rd October – Elvetham Heath Church, Fleet 0930 – 1500

Apart from the series of promotional events around the county, information can be found at this link

Flexford Nature Reserve safety concerns

FlexfordNigel Williamson launched a one man campaign to bring the state of the footpaths through our local nature reserve to the attention of the Council, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the NMDCA. He told the editor of the Miller’s Tale that he has had responses to his document, offering a donation from the council and assurance from the Wildlife trust that they will organise contractors to address the issue.

To read the document click here