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Like many things, we have had to make alternative arrangements and our latest newsletter is no exception. The April Miller’s Tale has been put together with an unprecedented number of contributers to create what we think might be the best newsletter yet. But, given that it would go against government guidlines to post copies through every door on the estate we have had to resort to going online. We hope you will enjoy reading it. Keep an eye out on Facebook or the website for the publication date.

Sorry. Great British Spring Clean Postponed till September.

Join us for the Great British September Clean

11-27 September 2020

sept clean

Everyone at Keep Britain Tidy has been absolutely blown away by your support for this year’s Great British Spring Clean. Together – volunteers, local authorities, charities and businesses – have shown tremendous commitment to the campaign and to each and every one of you we would like to say a huge big thank you.

Our first priority has always been making sure everyone stays safe and so we have taken the decision to postpone this year’s Great British Spring Clean until September.

Join us for the Great British September Clean, from 11-27 September, when we will be bringing communities back together to clean up our streets, parks and beaches.

If you had already planned to take part in the Great British Spring Clean you can reschedule your activity for the new campaign period, instead of cancelling it.


If you have signed up as a host and registered a clean-up on our website:

  • Please where possible reschedule your existing clean-ups to fall within the new campaign period, 11 – 27 September.
  • If your clean-ups are registered on our website map, you can amend the dates in a few simple steps:1. Log into your Dashboard on the top right of the Keep Britain Tidy website
    2. Click on ‘My clean-ups’
    3. On the clean-up you would like to change, press ‘update clean-up’
    4. Change the date and details of the clean-up on the form shown, scroll down and press ‘save’, or press ‘delete’ to cancel your clean-up and follow the prompts.
  • We recommend rescheduling your clean-up rather than cancelling it, so that all the volunteers who’ve signed up already can still take part.
  • Remember to contact all of the volunteers already signed-up to your clean-up to inform them of the new date
  • If your event is public, check your inbox for emails from us for notification of anybody who has tried to join your clean-up. If your event is private you will need to contact your volunteers through your usual channels.


If you have pledged to pick:

  • You don’t need to do anything! We will work on the basis that if you have pledged to support the campaign with an individual action, you will honour this commitment by acting on your pledge when you are fit and well to do so.
  • Please make sure that when you undertake your pledge you follow the latest government advice on COVID-19 and also follow our advice on clean-up hygiene here.


If you have joined a clean-up:

  • Please assume that any clean-ups which you have signed-up for as part of the campaign are now cancelled or postponed.
  • Within time you should hear directly from your clean-up hosts about any new dates being set for existing clean-ups for which you have tried to join.
  • Please return to the event map in summer to see what new clean-ups and dates have been scheduled in your area in line with the new campaign dates.


If you are from a local authority:

  • We hope that if you have already signed-up to support the campaign, you will extend your support to our rescheduled dates in September, please contact us at if this is not the case for your local authority.
  • In summer we will be contacting you again to ask if there are any updates to the information you have provided for equipment and bag collection.


If you are from a Town/Parish Council:

  • We hope that if you have already signed-up to support the campaign, you will extend your support to our rescheduled dates in September, please contact us at if this is not the case and we will remove your activity from our total volunteer numbers.
  • You do not need to update us on your new clean-up dates directly, we just ask that you reschedule your planned activity between 11-27 September.
  • If you have not already registered your activity with us, you can still register your support here.


In the coming days and weeks, we will be updating you on how you can get involved and show your support to help Keep Britain Tidy now.

Thank you again for your continued support for the campaign from all at Keep Britain Tidy.

10 ways you, as an NMDCA supporter, can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community:



  1. Meet with household members, other relatives, friends and neighbours to discuss what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.
  2. Your neighbourhood has a website and social media Facebook page, Maintain access to neighbours, information, and resources. Alternatively, share phone numbers and email addresses particularly with those who are isolated or vulnerable.
  3. Consider establishing a ‘buddy’ system within your community to ensure everyone stays connected to COVID-19 related news, services and can receive support safely, such as essentials deliveries.
  4. Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications.
  5. Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy.
  6. Learn how to self-isolate. Guidance can be found on the NHS website:
  7. Create a list of local organisations that you and your neighbours can contact in the event that one of you need access to information, healthcare services, support, or resources. Consider including organisations that provide mental health or counselling services, food, and other supplies.
  8. Create an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbours, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.
  9. Learn about the emergency operations plan at your child’s school or childcare facility, and your employer’s emergency operations plan.
  10. Practice everyday preventive actions including regular hand washing.

The Great British Spring Clean

The future of this event is uncertain at the moment we will update information as and when we have it.



NMDCA in association with Ramalley Cubs are planning to do a Spring Clean of Ramalley Woods and, if we get enough volunteers, to do a wider sweep. Eastleigh Borough Council will assist us by supplying picking sticks, gloves, bags and hi-vis jackets. The plan is to meet at the end of the Ramalley Lane by the Scout Hut at 18:45 (see image above) we will continue until about 19:30.

If you would like to take part in this initiative to improve our local enviroment please could you log on to our clean up at so that we can keep track of numbers and make sure we have enough equipment for everybody.

Looking forward to seeing you there.