Wordsearch winner!

Well done to Jemima age 9 who discovered that Hoveton was the street not in the wordsearch on the back page of the Miller’s Tale newsletter.



New survey for 2017

If you would like to do the survey on-line please click the button


It’s over twenty years since we last did a survey in North Miller’s Dale so to help us get an idea of how the estate has changed over the years we would be grateful if you could answer a few simple questions. We are only interested in statistics so all the data will be anonymous and will not be passed on to any third parties.


Your gardening questions answered

Cedar Nursery’s planting expert Zona McGlynn will talk about the problems with heavy clay soils and the best plants to thrive in the gardens we have in Miller’s Dale. She will be on hand to answer your questions about gardening issues. Light refreshments will be available included in the £3 entrance fee. Places are limited so please get in touch early to book your seat for this fascinating evening. editor@nmdca.org.uk


Millers Dale Central Area Development

In the central area of North Miller’s Dale the builders PGC constructed fifty two houses around the Hiltonbury Farmhouse. This is the sales brochure for those houses of which there were only a few left when we moved in. There are some prices hand written against the last remaining ones. The PGC houses were built in Weavers Place, The Tanyards, The Deanery and Wallington Drive.


Download the brochure.