Next Walk Tuesday 5th February


Do you know this path? Neither did I until a couple of weeks ago. This is part of the next walk this coming Tuesday. There is a slight change to the normal format this month! You can still meet up outside the Farmhouse as usual at 10:30 or in the St Boniface car park  off the Hursley Road at 10:40. parkIn an effort to continue to present fresh walks to our regulars I am going just slightly further afield for the start. We will transport anyone meeting us at the Farmhouse to the walk start point. Looking forward to seeing you on the walk.

If you weren’t on our walk or you were and were too busy chatting the photo was taken near the circle on the map.




New Year Resolution!

I expect like me you have all eaten far too much over Christmas. However, all is not lost so why not join us for the first NMDCA walk of 2019 and shed those excessive pounds and maybe shift that New Years Eve hangover!
The walk will be from 10:30 on Tuesday 1st January meeting up outside the Farmhouse as usual.
Look forward to seeing you there.