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Treasure hunt letters

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Millers Dale Central Area Development

In the central area of North Miller’s Dale the builders PGC constructed fifty two houses around the Hiltonbury Farmhouse. This is the sales brochure for those houses of which there were only a few left when we moved in. There are some prices hand written against the last remaining ones. The PGC houses were built in Weavers Place, The Tanyards, The Deanery and Wallington Drive.


Download the brochure.


Treasure Hunt

IMG_5367Thanks to everyone who turned up to support our family treasure hunt on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a gentle stroll around our estate looking for the clues to spell out the anagram of ‘The Farmhouse’. Thanks also to Gillian and Doreen for the refreshments tent and to Graham for organising the treasure hunt. For those who weren’t able to make it you may like to have a go at the local letters quiz. I will put the answers on the webpage in about a weeks time.

Treasure hunt letters

NMDCA Facebook page

Facebook-createThe North Miller’s Dale Community Association has just started its own Facebook page. We are hoping this will enable residents to interact with the committee and with each other.  It will also be a way we can advertise events more efficiently than the flyers which we normally distribute. Of course it does rely on residents becoming regular users of Facebook and followers of the page. We hope in the next few weeks we will see enthusiastic support of the page and that it will become a successful tool to bring the estate together.

Follow the link to our Facebook page and please click ‘Follow’ to get regular updates.


Nature Reserve


This collection of rubbish was found littering the ground inside the North Millers Dale entrance to Flexford Nature Reserve this afternoon. It was duly picked up, the Nature Reserve sign was used for visual impact and the litter was then disposed of properly by “TAKING IT HOME AND BINNING IT”!