Deadline extended

Just to let you know that the deadline for submitting comments on the EBC Local Plan has been extended to midnight on Wed 8th August. A significant number of people have had difficulties completing the questionnaire and I believe the system crashed for a while at the weekend.


Cllr Judith Grajewski BSc MRPharmS.
(EBC – Conservative Group Leader)


Extraordinary meeting to follow Local Area Plan ‘Drop In’

To all residents of Chandler’s Ford: your Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 30 July to discuss Eastleigh Borough Council’s Local Plan. The meeting will be held at 7.30pm at the Fryern Pavilion, Greenways. Chandler’s Ford. The Motion, proposed by Cllr Ricketts, will be: “Having had sight of the Draft Local Plan it is noticeable that Chandler’s Ford (CF) would be subjected to increased traffic congestion and pollution, as the Plan includes a major new link road from the large development [of 5,300 new houses] north of Bishopstoke to Junction 12 of the M3 (CF and Eastleigh). This road is expected to carry 26,000 vehicles a day. The knock-on effect would be much increased queuing on the approaches to the motorway in CF (Winchester Road, Hocombe Road, Hiltingbury Road) and these roads are already experiencing additional traffic pressure from major housebuilding projects in Romsey, funneling extra vehicles to the M3.

Another date for Local Plan drop in.

Many of you may have received a letter from the Council two days after the Chandler’s Ford drop in event took place, meaning you would not have been able participate in the consultation process. The Eastleigh Borough Council have therefore scheduled an extra session at the Fryern Pavilion to rectify the situation. This will be on Monday 30th July from 16:00 to 19:00. 

Mostly the major proposed development is over in the east of the borough although there are some elements within the Chandler’s Ford and Hiltingbury areas. Probably the most significant and impactful feature in the Local Plan for us is the addition of a new road to link the large proposed housing developments with junction 12  of the M3.

If you would like to look at the document in advance click to download the PDF. Go to page 177 for the Chandler’s Ford specific section. Below is a map showing the new road route (red dashes).

More information and how to comment (either for or against any of the proposals) can be found at:


drop in

Liquid refreshment for Hedgehogs

dry hogs.jpg

Please leave water out for the hedgehogs


In this hot weather it is especially important to leave water out day and night.

A thirsty hog may come out during the day and it could be a life saver.

Shallow plant saucers are ideal and try to leave them dotted around the garden not too far from cover and ideally in the shade. 8 inches across or larger are best – hogs are very good at tipping the smaller ones over!

Make sure they are not so deep that a hoglet could get trapped.