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Thirty four contestants made up nine teams to brave a cold Saturday evening for a very enjoyable Quiz Night in the community hall. The evening was hosted by Inquizitor Phil Heller and ably assisted by Bernice keeping the scores.

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The top prize was won by the ‘Heller’s Angels’ team who scored a massive 150 points, and the evening was rounded off with a raffle. Everyone seemed to go home with a smile on their faces although maybe the beer, wine and nibbles that the contestants brought along helped with that. The general view was that is was a successful and agreeable evening and more of the same should be put into the calendar.

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a quizOn Saturday night 14th November a group of residents and a few visitors had a great evening pitting their general knowledge against the fiendish inquizitor Phil Heller. A good mix of young and old meant that only a few of the questions went unanswered despite a lot of head scratching. This time Phil tried out a variation on his usual style of music section. Despite his prediction there were one or two teams that came up with very strong scores. At the end of the evening two teams had drawn so a tie breaker had to be employed to sort out the eventual winners.   

Head scratching quiz night

Test your brainsThe North Millers Dale community hall hosted a successful quiz night on Saturday 18th Feb with Phil Heller posing the questions. Thirty local residents made up eight teams to have their knowledge tested. Rounds ranged from Music to News to General Knowledge and even a round with twenty questions about Eastleigh! Surprisingly, there were many interesting things to learn about somewhere right on our doorstep. All the teams did well and the scores at the end were quite close, even though one team didn’t realise that one of the question papers was double sided! Well done to the ‘quizy rascals’ team who won the top prize.