Last Minute addition to Agenda for Hedgehogs and Rats

If the preservation of Hedgehogs or the elimination of Rats is of interest to you you may like to make a note in your diary. Following the decision of the Chandler’s Ford and Hiltingbury Local Area Committee meeting to refer the motions about Rats and Hedgehogs  to the Eastleigh Borough Council Cabinet for resolution you may be interested to know that the public can attend and speak at these council meetings.

The Cabinet meeting is on Thursday 14th June at 18:30 at Eastleigh House.  The public can speak to any item on the agenda when that item is reached. Members of the public can also speak on any item not on the agenda at the start of the meeting provided they’ve let the attendant officer know they wish to speak before the meeting starts. The Hedgehogs and Rats are to be Item 7 on the revised agenda. Apparently Cabinet meetings are usually ‘very brisk’ and Item 7 should be reached quite quickly.


Council to discuss rat problem.

Local Area Committee Meeting at the Dovetail Centre, Methodist Church, Chandler’s Ford to discuss among other things the rat issue in Chandlers Ford

Wednesday 6th June, 7 pm at The Dovetail Centre, Winchester Road, Chandler’s Ford.

Conservatives are calling on Eastleigh Borough Council to address the issue of the ever-increasing rat population in Chandler’s Ford and Hiltingbury. Cllr Margaret Atkinson (Hiltingbury ward) has tabled a motion to be debated at the Chandler’s Ford & Hiltingbury Local Area Committee meeting . 

Motion – Councillor Atkinson
“That this LAC recognises that the rat population in the Borough needs to be properly controlled to prevent health and safety risks to residents. Consequently this LAC recommends that Eastleigh Borough Council takes immediate steps to introduce a Pest Control policy to ensure that it fulfils its statutory duty under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949. Further that Eastleigh Borough Council takes immediate and urgent action to work with other agencies and neighbouring authorities to bring the current rat population in the Chandler’s Ford and Hiltingbury area under control.”
The meeting is open to the public who can speak to the meeting and listen to the debate.
Hiltingbury councillor, Judith Grajewski says, “Local Conservative councillors have opened a petition and the response on the doorsteps has been very positive. Local residents have had enough. The rat population seems to be exploding and the pests are invading people’s gardens and homes, and in some cases causing considerable damage to property. Cllr Dowden (Valley Park, Test Valley) and I have raised the issue at numerous cross-border meetings over 2-3 years, and are still calling for meaningful action to deal with the problem as a matter of urgency”.

Cllr Judith Grajewski