Flexford Nature Reserve safety concerns

FlexfordNigel Williamson launched a one man campaign to bring the state of the footpaths through our local nature reserve to the attention of the Council, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the NMDCA. He told the editor of the Miller’s Tale that he has had responses to his document, offering a donation from the council and assurance from the Wildlife trust that they will organise contractors to address the issue.

To read the document click here

NMDCA Walking Group

Walking Group jpg

The survey highlighted that people would like some organised events to take place on North Millers Dale. One of the activities that people were interested in was a walking group. We plan to hold a walk around the local area on Tuesday 6th March.

We will meet on the green in front of the Hiltonbury Farmhouse at 10.30am.

The walk that we are proposing will be about 3 miles and take approximately one and a half hours. People may like to finish off with lunch or a drink in the pub. If you are interested you could email editor@nmdca.org.uk or just turn up on the day. This will be a nice way to meet your neighbours.


Walking Group?


We’ve had a good response so far to our survey which helps us get a better idea of the demographic of North Miller Dale and enables us to plan how to best serve our community. One of the items of interest that lots of you have mentioned is ‘Local Walks’ and given the great area that we live that is understandable. We plan to start a walking group in the new year and hope we get the support to make it successful. We’d be interested to hear from you the types of walk that would most appeal. Is it a two or three mile stroll to get a bit of fresh air and exercise or something more ambitious? Please add your comments to let us know.


Interesting evening in the Reserve

IMG_3767aOn Tuesday 16th June 2015 a small but enthusiastic group were taken on an instructive tour of the Flexford Nature Reserve adjacent to North Millers Dale. It was a delightfully warm summers evening and Clare, our guide of the Reserve from the Wildlife Trust, took us through the varied habitats represented, just a stones throw from our homes. Even regular walkers were treated to some fascinating sights that could have been easily bypassed on a casual walk. The icing on the cake was being shown two different Orchids growing wild.

Fascinating Introduction to the Flexford Reserve


Walk on the Wild side

The weather was perfect for the our guided evening walk led by warden Claire Bishop from the Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust. Discovering that there were so many different varieties of wild flowers present in Lower Flexford Woods, evidence of wildlife and why cattle are brought in to graze the land, was very interesting.  Claire kept everyone captivated, so much so that time flew and the walk carried on until 9pm! Ric Green from Rosemore Grove will often be found with volunteers in the woods, clearing and managing the woodland area. If you see him, do stop for a chat and he will tell you what they are doing. Ric is also a member of the Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust.