Forthcoming Events

Monday 21st May  Guided Walk in Wildlife Reserve

Sunday 6th May Vinings Copse Presentation

Monday 7th May Fryern Funtasia

Saturday 2nd June Queens Diamond Jubilee

Sunday 3rd June Solent Gardeners Fayre

Millers Dale Aniversary

ImageMy husband and I live in Cranford Gardens north Millers dale, and very much enjoyed reading your  February newsletter.  I don’t know whether Cranford Gardens residents have any plans to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.  However, there may be another cause for celebration on this part of the estate, as on August 4th we celebrate thirty years in our house.  We moved in when it was newly built and the end of the cul-de-sac was still under construction.  At the very least this might make an interesting item for the Newsletter even if we don’t get together for the celebration.  We have a number of photos which were taken when the houses were still under construction all that time ago.  A number of the houses have been sold and re-occupied, but there are still a few of the original residents here.Image
All best wishes
Shirley Wilton and Ron Wilton