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Hedgehog Street is a joint campaign by People’s Trust for Endangered Speciesand British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

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Photo credit: Phill Robinson, Hedgehog Champion

Spring is here, and hedgehogs are making the most of our gardens

As the sun comes out and the weather slowly but surely warms up, nature is starting to bloom and insects are buzzing around everywhere.  This means hedgehogs are on the move. Hedgehogs can travel up to a mile in just one evening, so you could be getting several spiky visitors in the coming weeks.

Our gardens provide a critical place for hedgehogs to feed, rest and find potential mates, so it’s vital that we make them as hedgehog-friendly as possible. You all know about our Top 10 Tips already, but here are some other useful pages for those of you with some burning ‘hog questions that you’ve always wanted answered.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page, links to dozens of pages on the Hedgehog Street website, providing you with almost everything you need to know about hedgehog ecology, protection, threats and conservation. So check out the FAQ page today and get some answers! This page is regularly updated, so do check it out whenever you have a question, and if the answer is not there, you can always email us at

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One of our most asked question is what to do if you come across a dead hedgehog in your garden. Luckily the Garden Wildlife Health team are here to help! Every year the GWH team accept 100s of wildlife specimens from the public to perform autopsy’s. This dedicated team of wildlife vets are constantly looking to find out what is causing ‘hog mortality and find out if there are any diseases posing a national threat to our spiky friends. To find out more, or what to do if you find a dead hog, read our story on the Hedgehog Street website. And of course, if you see roadkill, please just log this on the BIG Hedgehog Map.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Best wishes,


Hedgehog Street

P.S. Don’t forget Hedgehog Awareness Week is next month (5th – 11th May). There are lots of things you can do to celebrate and help hedgehogs over the week – get ideas here


For more information about Hedgehog Awareness Week click here